Apr 30

Wozniak, Saban among speakers coming to Leadership Live


By: Jon Gallo

Published: Sunday, April 30, 2016

Steve Wozniak, Apple’s co-founder, saw what perhaps no one else did 15 years ago.

Nick Saban, Alabama’s football coach, has inspired young adults to achieve sporting superiority.

Andy Stanley, North Point Ministries’ founder, has used his voice to spread God’s word and leadership messages that are viewed more than a million times a week on the Internet.

Kat Cole, FOCUS Brands’ group president, has turned pretzels, cinnamon rolls, ice cream and burritos into billions of dollars.

They come from different backgrounds and areas of expertise yet share a common denominator.

“They are all great visionary leaders,” Leadercast CEO Keith Wilmot said. “They each have a leadership style that is transferable to everyone, not just CEOs, but to teenagers, college students and all entrepreneurs.”

Wozniak, Saban, Stanley and Cole are just four of the numerous leaders who will speak at Leadercast Live on Friday at the Infinite Energy Arena in Duluth, which is hosting what is billed as the “largest one-day leadership event in the world” for the fourth straight year.

Though a crowd of more than 8,000 is expected to attend the event, more than 125,000 spectators are projected to watch it from hundreds of simulcast locations throughout the world. But Leadership Live, which will be hosted by comedian Tripp Crosby, isn’t “one of those leadership conferences you go to at a hotel and watch people stand up and it’s boring,” Wilmot noted.

“Take the circus and a rock concert and fuse it together and you get Leadership Live,” he added.

Leadership Live’s theme is Architects of Tomorrow, with each session focusing on one of four perspectives: eyes to see, the voice to share, the heart to inspire and the feet to lead.

“All of the leaders who are speaking bring such a unique perspective that makes them visionary,” Wilmot said. “Take Steve Wozniak. If you would have told me 20 years ago that your entire music collection would fit in your pocket, I would have said you were nuts because I was carrying all my CDs.

“Look at how coach Saban has taken these 18- to-21-year-olds and turned them into champions. Kat Cole may not be as recognizable as Steve and coach Saban, but look at what she’s done with Auntie Anne’s pretzels and Cinnabon. When was the last time you walked into a mall and didn’t experience those unmistakable smells?”

On Thursday, Leadercast Live will host its first Leadercast Labs event, which will provide attendees with a more hands-on environment to receive in-depth insight from respected voices on topics that will help them craft their personal leadership vision. This year’s sessions include: Five Voices: Know Yourself to Lead Your Team; Five Gears: How to Be Present and Productive; Learn to Tap Into Your Creative Genius; and Crafting Your Approach to Remarkable Results.

Following the lab sessions, the Gwinnett Chamber will host an after-hours networking event on location. Twenty percent of the proceeds from the Leadercast Labs event will go toward Relay For Life, an overnight community walk that raises funds for the American Cancer Society.

Leadercast Live is also a networking activity, allowing attendees to interact with leaders in person or via an interactive mobile app. Wilmot stressed that Leadercast Live isn’t geared solely for those who spend most of the day in a board room or corner office.

“We have a wide range of leaders and what they’ll speak about will be applicable for everyone,” he said. “They’ll help you be a better business owner but also a better leader overall. They’ll also teach you why having a diverse workforce makes for a better workforce.”