So You Think You Can Dance

By: Guest Blogger, Cameron

Published: October 4, 2010

Hi, I’m 10-year-old Cameron and I am a guest blogger. I went to So You Think You Can Dance on Monday, September 27, 2010 at the Arena at Gwinnett Center. I loved the show! This is the second time I’ve gone to S.Y.T.Y.C.D. 

The show was so out-going and spectacular! I must say, I really loved My Chick Bad by Lauren and Russell. Another one was How It Ends, choreographed by Travis Wall, was originally danced by Kent and Neil but danced by Kent and Robert on tour. When Kent pushed Robert down on stage I heard a loud bang. I hope Robert didn’t get hurt! 

The most hilarious routine was Robert and Dominic’s hip-hop clown routine. So funny, they must have put a lot of work into it! My favorite All-Star is Dominic! His character is outstanding! The best contestant on the show for me has to be Billy. He is so cool and a great dancer. My role model on the show is Lauren. She works hard but still has fun. 

Another thing I did was I waited outside for autographs after the show. All the All-Stars and contestants signed my program. My friend got picked up by Russell, Billy, and Robert because she was short and couldn’t see. Lucky girl!!! I can’t wait to see next year’s S.Y.T.Y.C.D.