Professional Bull Riding

By: Marketing Intern, Greg

Published: May 17, 2011

Hey everyone!
My name is Greg and I am the marketing intern at the Gwinnett Arena. I have never written a blog, but I am extremely excited to start this summer. Gwinnett Arena has some great shows coming up this summer and I cannot wait to let everyone know how they were.
My very first show at the Gwinnett Arena was Professional Bull Riding. At first I was not sure what to think, but after being in the arena for Friday and Saturday’s show I cannot explain how great a PBR event is. The interaction that PBR has with the patrons is unbelievable and how can anyone pass up the opportunity to watch pro bowl wide receiver Chad Ochocinco ride a 1,500-pound bull called Deja Blu?

If you have never been to a PBR show then take it from me… Go to one! The introduction is incredible and you will not find a more welcoming bunch of riders and entertainers anywhere in the world. Saturday started off with a bang when PBR flashes fire and pyrotechnics while welcoming the riders to the ring, the next thing you know the crowd screams when Ochocinco walks through the arena.

During the show you can’t help but wonder how these riders can last 8 seconds on a bull. We have all heard the horror stories of what can happen within 1 second on a bull and luckily no one was seriously injured. The one thing that really separates PBR from other events is the riders. These riders show true passion and love for their jobs, how many people would be willing to ride a 2,000 pound bull every weekend? Another part of PBR that people don’t typically ask about are the ranchers who move the bulls from their cages to the chutes. When I spoke with a PBR representative, she described them as “bull-whisperers.”  She stated that “sometimes they do not even have to touch the bulls, it’s almost like they are talking to them.”

The best part of the event was obviously watching Chad Ochocinco ride Deja Blu. Many people who have not seen the event missed Ochocinco get on the bull for the first time which in turn caused the bull buck at him. He instantly stood up and what looked like he was rethinking his decision. However, Ochocinco proceeded with the challenge and lasted 1.5 seconds. I personally believed the risk was greater than the reward, but there is a reason behind Ochocinco’s madness and I for one would like to know more about it and him.