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Khalid's Roxy Tour to visit Infinite Energy Arena in May 2018


By: Kareem Gantt

Published: January 3, 2018

Khalid rose from the far West Texas outpost of El Paso and blossomed into one soulful rose of a musician.

In a lot of ways, Khalid is the epitome of the era of the “microwave pop star,” stars who seemed to have come out of nowhere to make it big. In reality, though, Khalid took the hard road on his way to where he is today. After moving around due to his mother’s military career, Khalid settled in El Paso and graduated in 2016 from that city’s Americas High School.

Around the time of his graduation, he began to post the music that he had been writing and creating throughout his high school years. Through the power of Soundcloud, many began to take notice of his music, and toward the summer of ‘16, he would reach number two on Billboard’s Twitter Emerging Artists chart.

That single that would begin to power his rise in the music world would be the splendid disconnection of “Location,” and by the end of the year, the single got into the top 20 of the Mainstream R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay chart. By the first of 2017, ”Location” was within the Top 10 of the Hot R&B chart, and from that point on, Khalid was a star.

Not only has his debut single “Location” been a hit, but his LP debut, American Teen, was also a smash and was considered by many to be one of 2017’s best albums. So it would be wise to obtain your tickets to see this soulful rose in person when he hits the Atlanta area during his Roxy Tour in May.

For those who have seen Khalid in person, they can testify that his show is electric and full of fun. Why would anyone want to miss a show like Khalid’s? If you’re an R&B fan, no matter how old you are, you’ll have a great appreciation for Khalid’s music. Although his sound is geared more to younger audiences, it has great appeal for “grown folks” as well, so get your tickets now so that you can tell your friends that you got to see Khalid The Great in person.

Khalid: The Roxy Tour 
May 22 - Duluth, GA -  Infinite Energy Arena (get your tickets here)