Keith Urban "Gets Closer"

Published: August 8, 2011

If Keith Urban’s two-night stop here at The Arena at Gwinnett Center last Thursday and Friday didn’t impress you, then I’m not exactly sure what will.  Whether it was his superb guitar skills or his down-to-earth attitude, this show was delivered in top-notch fashion.  When he titled his tour “Get Closer,” he definitely wasn’t kidding!  As Keith took the stage singing “Put You in a Song,” fans got their first clue that they were about to experience something a little different than your typical concert.  The stage setup was unlike any other I’ve seen, including tracking resembling a roller coaster ride at Six Flags and a stage with a rounded edge and a ramp descending down into the crowd – no barriers separating Keith from the thousands of you that packed the venue to see him sing his massive catalogue of hits.  But he took it even further by making his way out into the screaming crowd not once, but twice, giving all fans an up-close and personal view of his cover-worthy face and even giving away his guitar to one lucky fan!  In case that wasn’t enough fan interaction, later on in the show he decided to turn The Arena at Gwinnett Center into a karaoke party, inviting three fans up on stage to battle it out in a little friendly competition for a chance to sing “Kiss a Girl” with the Aussie himself.  This proved to be a highly entertaining (and my personal favorite) part of the show. 

As an observer, I was impressed how genuine and personable Keith appeared.  Another one of my favorite parts of the show happened Thursday night with Steve and Rhonda from North Carolina.  Clever Steve made a bet with his wife Rhonda that if he could get her a kiss from Keith Urban he would be allowed to get a new banjo.  Keith made dreams come true for both by inviting them onstage for a kiss and a picture – well actually, no kisses for Steve, just Rhonda (sorry, Steve…you only cared about the banjo anyways, right?).

It was very apparent that his genuine attitude, Aussie accent, killer guitar skills and easy-on-the-eyes appearance have earned him many adoring fans.  The crowd couldn’t have had a better time, singing every word of every song at the top of their lungs and dancing the night away to the spectacular light show that accompanied each song of his two-plus hour set. 

Whether this was your first experience seeing Keith Urban live, like me, or you are a die-hard fan who has seen him many times, I don’t know if there is any way you could have left disappointed.  Keith Urban delivered two energetic, give-it-all-he’s-got, fan-centered performances solidified by his sweat-drenched hair and piles of confetti raining down from the ceiling after his final number.  Thanks for the rocking performances, Keith!