Katy Perry


Published: June 13, 2011

I am not sure where to begin with the Katy Perry Blog so before I start I wanted to let everyone know that Katy Perry had one of the best performances and set deigns that I have seen in a long time. If you like shows that keep the fans involved and you want to see a display of fireworks, foam, and lasers then this is the show for you!

Just hours before the show Katy Perry put on her twitter account “I AM SO EXCITED FOR TONIGHT I MIGHT ESPPPPPPLOAAAAD #ATLANTDREAMS.” From then on I knew this concert was going to be one of a kind and I quickly thought about what things may be in store since we were the first show on her North American tour. I was out taking pictures of Katy’s fans hours before the show started and the one thing I noticed was how incredibly excited every fan was to see Katy perform. It’s you the fans who drive these shows and make a magical experience for everyone at the arena.

The crowd roared and girls screamed when Katy took the stage in her white dress flowing with moving peppermint candies as she broke into one of her hit song Teenage Dream. Katy, an energetic superstar whose costumes fit the tour, cd, and songs perfectly did not let her fans down when she broke into I Kissed A Girl, Hot n Cold, and E.T. The music terrific, but that was not the highlight of my evening. The highlight of my evening was during one of her breaks when she started talking to the audience. She asked if she could be our Georgia peach for the night and then stated something I was not expecting. “If I had the choice of an In-N-Out burger over the Chick-fil-A, I would not do it. I would pick the Chick-fil-A.” Katy then pointed on how great their Polynesian sauce is.

Another high point of my night was getting to see Katy interact with some of her biggest fans. I was down stairs of the arena for Katys meet and greet and was blow away by her beauty and her loyalty to her fans. She was not only interested in her fans, but more than willing to sign an autograph or take a picture and for that I commend Katy Perry.