Josh Groban

By: Guest Blogger, Melissa Morris (melissaal05) 

Published: June 20, 2011

I have been a Josh Groban fan for years, a fan club member for 7 years and this was my first JG concert experience. And, I have to say, he certainly lived up to all my expectations and beyond.

At first, I was devastated because I thought the concert would have to be cancelled due to his illness.  I said God, you let me get the front row seats that I prayed so hard for, please don’t take them away from me.  I prayed, A LOT! And, I was so thankful that he recovered & the concert went on as scheduled.  If not, I would have been sitting in a dark corner, listening to his cd’s and crying for days, literally!

From the moment Josh took the stage, he blew my mind.  Yes, I’ve listened to his cd’s for years, but hearing him sing live, that was a whole new experience.  From the singing to the piano playing to the drums, I am just so amazed by all his God given talents.
He is such a kind & caring person.  He is always wanting to do the best for his fans & he certainly did that with the fan interaction.  From taking questions to singing Happy Birthday to a 17 year old (how lucky can you get), to the very lucky fans who got to sit on the stage while he sang a couple songs.  We were just truly blessed by his presence.

When he sang his final song, his “signature song”, YOU RAISE ME UP, I had tears in my eyes.  Not just because it is such a moving song, but, because we had to say goodbye.  I certainly did not want the night to end.

He is and always will be my favorite performer.  Not only because of his talents, but because he is such a kind soul. And, I love his smile!  I am so glad I got to share my experience with my daughter.  Thank you Josh for making MY dream come true.  Hopefully next time I will actually get to meet you.  Now that would be a wonderful blessing! 

Since the Duluth concert, I have now decided to attend the concert in Charleston, SC with another Grobanite that I met in Duluth. Making new friends because of Josh.  I cannot wait for my next concert!  Stay safe!