Getting To Know Lauren Alaina of American Idol

Published: July 26, 2011

What is your favorite thing about touring?

It would definitely be being able to tour and pump up crowds across the country. I love to have my audience dance and jump up and down while I perform. I will let them know I want them to get up as soon as I get on stage.
What are the two things that that you have to have while you are touring?
My mom!!! My mom and sweet tea! There are not a lot of places that we tour that don’t have sweet tea so I have to make it myself while I am on tour.

If you could tour with any two artists who would they be?
I would absolutely love to tour with Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood. That would be incredible!

Who has been the most exciting celebrity that you have met? I see that Justin Bieber follows you on Twitter. 

I know, I saw that two or three days ago and I thought how sweet is that [Lauren pumps her fist]. I have met a lot of great people since I have been on American idol. One of my favorites has probably been Keith Urban. He came up to me, knew my name right away and I was blow away.

What song are you most excited about singing tonight?
I would have to say my Carrie Underwood cover. I love singing her songs. 

We know you and Scotty are really close, are you and the rest of the idols the same way?
Yes we are all really close. To be honest that guy over there [Points at Paul McDonald] are really close. I think of him like another big brother and love his Fiancé.

You seem to me very down to earth, I have seen interviews where you have said “Everything happens for a reason.” Is this your approach on life or is this something you have been taught by your family.

Well, it is something that I have been raised with. Everyone asks me about coming into second place on Idol, but God has a reason for that. I just go out and trust in God because he has a plan. My family has been very supportive throughout this and has taught me some great qualities.

Here is a question from one of our Facebook Fans (Tiffany Braswell)- “Have you become more confident that you are a great singer now that you are on the road? I can’t wait for the show!”

I started becoming very confident in myself around the top 4 on the show. At first I started to read some of the negative things that I shouldn’t have and as a teenager you don’t want to hear all that kind of stuff. I am very confident now and I am just being myself.

Here is a question from another Facebook Fan (Karen Pirkle)- “Where do you see yourself on down the road?”

I have a cd coming out in mid September-October ish… somewhere during then. Hopefully my CD will do really well and I can tour with Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood!!