Foo Fighters Rock Gwinnett!

By: Guest Blogger, Matt Martin

Published: November 9, 2011 

Foo Fighters Rock Gwinnett!

We had an awesome time with the Foo Fighters and a SOLD OUT crowd on Monday night!  Thanks to everyone who came out, and a special thank you to our Guest Blogger - Matt Martin. 

We live in a generation where rock n roll is becoming second tier.  It may not be dead, but rock is on musical life support.  Today’s music is ruled by pre-teens and young adults that prefer a good looking solo act who can’t play instruments or write their own songs to bands like Cage the Elephant, The Black Keys, or Foo Fighters.  It really says something about an artist or band that spends minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years working on an album that truly means something to them and that shares an intimate lesson with their fans.  Real artists can make people listen to their songs endlessly because of a deep connection in the lyrics that saves people.  The Foo Fighters are a rare breed who write and record albums themselves in a garage studio.  Dave Grohl said they do this to make their live performances sound just like the album.  I have never seen a band who gives the crowd everything they could want like the Foo Fighters.  Dave will start a song in the middle of the stage, then once you look away just for a moment; he’s on the other side of the arena.  Dave is the main man in the band and everybody knows it, but Dave takes time out of his shows to give much deserved credit to the band and let them share the spotlight.  My favorite song was played in the way I hoped it would be – reminiscent of Coldplay’s “Fix You,” – “My Hero” is a great song that is perfect for a crowd to sing along with the band.  It was a fantastic show with a lot of great energy from both the band and the crowd.  The Foo Fighters definitely know how to put on a show and I hope they come back really soon!  As the band left I thought to myself, there goes my hero, watch him as he goes.