July 13

Fans pack the Arena to see Beyonce


By: Chris Stephens

Published: July 13, 2013

DULUTH -- There wasn't an empty seat in the house as one of the world's premier artists performed at the Arena at Gwinnett Center.

Fans came from all over to watch Beyonce perform.

"She's the queen," said Atlanta resident Tremecia Pressley. "There's nobody like her today. I admire her drive and determination. She puts out a great product for her fans."

Duluth resident Talik White brought his daughter Samaya, 5, to the event, saying she had no idea what she was about to experience.

"I had been to a few concerts of hers and they're just unreal," he said. "She brings the total package. She can sing and dance. She really inspires people."

White went on to compare Beyonce to Michael Jackson.

"When I was growing up, Michael Jackson was the king," White said. "For my daughter, Beyonce holds the role of queen of music.

"My hope is that she sees that you can be successful as long as you put your mind to it. If you work hard, good things can happen."

For Dionne Beal, the fact that the concert was 650 miles from where she lived in Riverdale, Md., wasn't going to stop her from attending.

"When the announcement came out that she would be performing here, a group of us planned to take a trip down here to see her," Beal said. "We stayed locally and didn't have a hard time getting here."

There were mixed reviews among fans interviewed on the location of the event, but Pressley added there's heavy traffic anywhere you have a concert with one of the best performers today.

"It was a bad drive, but it's worth it," she said.

Beal said what she's most impressed about Beyonce is the fact that she doesn't take long breaks during her concerts.

"You go to some concerts and there is a long break while the performer changes outfits and whatever else they have to do" she said. "With Beyonce, it's a quick change and she's back out there. She rarely takes a break and gives fans their money's worth."

Overall, fans said it's Beyonce's drive and passion that drives fans to her concerts in droves.

"She brings it," Pressley said. "She gives you a performance like none other."