Dragons, Lions and Amazing Acrobats


Published: September 8, 2011

If you've checked out our Facebook or Twitter pages, you've probably noticed the rave reviews Cirque du Soleil'sDralion received from fans who came out to see the show last weekend. I must say that I can't help but agree with everyone - this show was awesome! 

Preparing for the show's arrival, I had read (and even written!) a lot about Dralion and what to expect from the show. Even though I'd never seen a Cirque production before, I thought I was ready for what I was about to see. However, I was blown away by the amazing stunts these performers can execute. 

Like many, I was left wondering how in the world someone could balance solely on one hand while managing to move the body in ways I did not even know were possible. I'm not even sure I could balance on one hand at all, let alone for an entire act - and trying those moves would definitely be out of the question! And those trampoline jumpers? I would have for sure went flying off the trampoline and broken a bone...or several. One of the Cirque staff told me that many of the jumpers in the trampoline act were actually once part of an Olympic trampoline jumping team. No wonder they could fly through the air and land on those tiny little blocks like magic. I loved the energy and awe-inspiring moments that brought to the show. 

Out of all the amazing acts, if there was one Dralion stunt I could choose to learn, it would be the aerial hoop act that was performed so seamelessly by the Air character. Twirling in midair through all of those hoops and ribbons, the aerial acrobats were incredible. I guess years and years of practice has taken away any fear they have about sailing through air, because I know I would be terrified trying to learn that trick - no matter how fun it appears. 

Aside from the incredible performers that were a part of Dralion, I can't leave out the equally amazing costumes. As I mentioned before, these costumes take a lot of effort to design and maintain and the show travels with an entire wardrobe department just to keep these performers looking sharp. I can now see why they need those wardrobe experts. The costumes were vibrant, elaborate and just flat out amazing! 

Between the acrobats and costumes, it's hard to imagine there was another part of the show that could top the list as my favorite - but four hilarious clowns managed to do the trick. They would pop out during various parts of the show providing the audience with quite the comedy routine. Props to the clowns as I know I was not the only audience member laughing at their witty performance! 

I think the show definitely achieved its goal of celebrating culture and combining the elements of the east and the west (which I know you smarties already knew since you read the last blog post!). Thanks to the crew and performers for a job well done and a big thanks to all of YOU who came out to spend your Labor Day weekend with us!