Can't Help Falling In Love

By: Intern, Katrina Sharpe

Published: May 31, 2013 

Who is a minority owner of the ice hockey team the Vancouver Giants? Who almost gave up on a singing career to become a journalist? Whose grandfather offered plumbing services in exchange for his grandson to sing at different night clubs? Whose newest album debuted at No. 1 on Billboard Magazine’s Top 200 Pop Charts just last month? AND who is coming to The Arena at Gwinnett Center on Oct. 27 of this year? You guessed it! Michael Bublé.

It’s amazing how listening to Bublé sing can transport you back into a different time or place. It’s almost like taking a much-needed vacation wherever you are. Imagining what the full experience will be like to not only hear Bublé sing, but to watch his performance as he takes the stage in October is beyond exciting.
Tickets for this event will be going on Fri., MAY 31 at 10:00AM (EST)! They can be purchased and 

Bublé’s songs are catchy and enjoyable to sing. As many of us sing in our cars or other places with a limited audience, Bublé’s place to sing is the New York subway. He said in an interview for Community Radio for Northern Colorado KUNC 91.5, “I went out into the subway in New York. And it’s like been a dream of mine…you haven't made it till you sing in the subway in New York.” That takes some confidence!

His combination of fearlessness, strength, and charisma, along with talent, makes for a wonderful entertainer. He really understands how to connect with his audience. Just one example of many is he put his own rendition of “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” from the classic Toy Story movies on this album. Through this song and others, Bublé transports his fans back to their past and even to their childhood.

It is said that tradition is carrying down wisdom from one generation to the next. That is exactly what Bublé continues to do with this new record “To Be Loved.” He has taken songs and inspirations from the past and keeps them alive for generations to come as a reminder of timeless music and lyrics.

How exciting it is that Bublé will be traveling the world to perform for millions of fans all the way from London, England to Duluth, GA! In the words of Bublé, “Oh, what a world, what a life – I’m in love.” 

People all over the world can’t help falling in love with Michael Bublé and his music. We look forward to seeing you in October!  Tell us, what is your favorite Michael Bublé song?