Apr 19

The Ice Under Your Feet

Holly is back with some more behind the scenes information about the Arena! This month, she explains how the ice for hockey stayed intact during the events…

Apr 19

The Science Behind Touring

Our Marketing Intern, Holly, is here to help us understand a little more about what goes on when shows are being booked for tours. She does a great job…

Dec 17

Can-A-Thon 2018

It’s that time of year again; the time where giving is in full swing! Last Friday, the Marketing Department, other employees and I got to enjoy…

Nov 21

Interview With Danielle Smith, Event Coordinator

Although many people like to focus on the events we have at Infinite Energy Arena, we also have many events going on at the Forum and Theater. I…

Oct 16

Myth Vs. Fact

When I started my internship at Infinite Energy Center this Fall, it became apparent to me that many people I talked to were confused about different…

Aug 2

A Look Behind the Scenes of Booking

During my time interning at Infinite Energy Center, I have become increasingly interested in a seemingly simple question: How does a major touring event…

July 19

Infinite Takes the Cake

I don’t think I’ll ever be as excited as I was when I found out I would be the marketing intern at Infinite Energy Center for the summer of…

May 31

Can't Help Falling In Love

By: Intern, Katrina Sharpe