AXS Flash Mobile Delivery FAQ

Getting inside!

  1. Get the AXS Mobile App if you haven't already.
  2. Open the App and sign in to see your tickets.
  3. Show the tickets in the app at the entrance and get them scanned to enter. Have fun!

Bought tickets for a group? Make sure everyone enters together or transfer tickets to friends before the event (if transfer is available).

Get The AXS App

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What is Flash Mobile Delivery?

Flash Mobile Delivery is our digital ticketing technology which provides you the flexibility and convenience of safely and securely managing your tickets online or in the AXS mobile app.

Tips at the gate

  1. Make sure you have the AXS app already downloaded on your phone prior to entering the arena.
  2. Be sure to bring your phone to the event! AXS Flash Mobile Delivery can only be used on a smartphone.
  3. Have your mobile QR code ready and waiting when you get to the gate, this will ensure a speedy entrance. 
  4. Make sure that you can see the countdown and do not have a static screenshot pulled up. Please note: The mobile QR code changes every 60 seconds and has a live countdown on the screen. 
  5. Make sure your phone is charged, and the brightness is up, so the scanner can properly read your mobile ticket.

Transferring Tickets

How do I transfer my tickets?

No need to hand-deliver tickets or wait outside the venue for friends - quickly transfer tickets for many events.

  1. Click the 'TRANSFER' button next to the event in your AXS account.
  2. Select the tickets to transfer and enter the recipient's info.
  3. On the review page, click the transfer button and send tickets.

If the recipient has an AXS account, they'll receive the tickets right away. Otherwise, they'll need to create an AXS account to claim the tickets. And they'll need to use the AXS mobile app.

How do I accept transferred tickets?

If you already have an AXS account, the tickets will be transferred to your account automatically. Otherwise, you’ll get an email letting you know you need to create an AXS account to claim the tickets. Just follow the simple steps to make the tickets officially yours.

Can I cancel a transfer?

It depends. If your friend already has an AXS account, the tickets will be transferred instantaneously. Otherwise you have until your friend creates an account to cancel the transfer.

Remember, your friends can always transfer tickets back to you.

Can the seats be transferred to someone who doesn't have an AXS account?

Yep! They’ll just have to create an AXS account to claim their tickets.

They’ll also need to get the AXS app. When it’s time for the event, they can open the app to show their tickets on their phone.

My entire party hasn’t arrived yet, do I need to wait for them before I can enter?

No, a partial party can enter the venue, just be sure to inform the usher of the number of tickets you want to redeem. You can also easily transfer the extra tickets to the tardy party member so they can download the AXS app and enter when they arrive.

How will I know when a transfer was successful?

Review your transfer history within the AXS app by clicking on MY EVENTS and selecting TRANSFERRED. You may also review your transfers and purchase history at

What if my tickets are not qualified for transfer?

If your tickets are not qualified for transfer, you (the original purchaser) MUST arrive at the entrance with your entire party and present your Flash mobile ticket using their AXS App.

Selling Tickets

How do I sell my tickets?

Got tickets you can't use? Easily sell tickets to other fans for many events.

  1. Click the 'SELL' button next to the event in your AXS account.
  2. Select the tickets to sell, set a price, and select your selling options.
  3. On the review page, click the 'LIST TICKETS' button to finish.

Your tickets will be listed for sale, and you'll get an email as soon as they sell. You can review or edit the listing at any time in your AXS account.

What is AXS Official Resale?

AXS Official Resale is the safe and easy way to buy and sell tickets with other fans. When fans have tickets they can’t use, they list them for other fans to buy. Buyers get 100% valid and authentic tickets delivered straight to their AXS accounts, and sellers get paid by direct deposit. If available, you’ll see the option to get tickets with AXS Official Resale on the event page.

How do I know if I can resell my tickets?

If you see a Sell button next to your tickets in your account, you can sell them! It’s up to the promoter or team if you can sell tickets or not.

When I sell tickets, do I have to deal with the buyer?

Never. AXS handles payment and delivery so buyers and sellers never interact with each other. Buyers get tickets delivered straight to their AXS accounts, and sellers get paid by direct deposit.

How do I remove a listing?

Just follow these steps:

  1. Sign into your AXS Account and click Listings
  2. Choose a listing and click Retract
  3. Click Yes, retract now.

And you're done! Your tickets will no longer be listed for others to buy.

My AXS Account

I setup an AXS account online when I purchased tickets. May I utilize that same account login to get my tickets?

Yes. You can use the same login for AXS online and AXS app.

I forgot my AXS password. How do I get my tickets?

You can reset your password in the AXS app or you can click here to reset your password.

Are the Flash Seats and AXS apps interchangeable?

Yes, your tickets can show up in both apps. We suggest that you utilize the AXS app as the Flash Seats app will eventually be phased out.