Infinite Energy Center Staff Directory


Joseph L. Dennis, Jr. – General Manager
Christy Smith – Executive Assistant to the General Manager
Ron Jackson – Assistant General Manager
Cheryl Alicea – Human Resources Manager

Booking and Sales

Dan Markham – Executive Director of Sales and Booking
Katie Loftus – Booking Manager
Chris Muller – Sales Manager
Jennifer Gordon – Sales Manager

Event Services

Megan Britt - Event Manager
Shannel Ortega - Event Coordinator
Matt Ficklen - Event Coordinator

Marketing and Business Development

Robyn Ali – Executive Director of Marketing & Business Development
Marcia Powell – Marketing Communications Manager
Ed Boone – Marketing Communications Coordinator
Michelle Juda – Group Sales & Marketing Assistant
Alex Zurhorst – Creative Coordinator
William Howard – Digital Media Coordinator

Kevin Gibson – Business Development Manager

Premium Services

Nancy Golden – Director of Premium Services
Annette Bowen - Premium Services Assistant


Neal Humphreys – Director of Operations
Kate Dickerson – Arena Event Coordinator
Ian Medlam – Senior Operations Manager

Information Technology

Selina Branstetter – Deputy Director of IT, Tech Services & Theater
Walter Poole – Information Systems Manager
Michael Ritter – Information Systems Coordinator


Rhett Smathers – Director of Finance
Jennifer Silas – Accounting Manager
Lisa Webb – Event Accountant
Honey Greene – Accounts Receivable & Billing Administrator
Cathy Sabella – Accounts Payable Administrator

Box Office

Kim Kettler – Box Office Manager 
Erick Jimerson – Assistant Box Office Manager 

Michelle Juda – Group Sales Representative


Lisa Dominguez – Security Manager
George Ranney – Safety Specialist 
Karen Lide – Shipping & Receiving Clerk

Vendor Staff Directory

Contemporary Services Corporation (CSC)

Ladonna Carpenter – CSC Event Manager

Proof of the Pudding

Darryl Willms – General Manager
Libby MacConaugha – Catering Sales Manager
Candice Kirkpatrick – Catering Sales Executive
Randy Robinson - Arena General Manager
Al Ciccone - Arena Manager


B.K. Jackson- AV Director

Request for Qualifications 

Request for qualifications for Infinite Energy Center's master plan development